Florida medical malpractice lawyers-doctors misdiagnose breast cancer

Failed breast cancer diagnosis and treatment causes more medical malpractice claims in the United States. Florida medical malpractice lawyers urge women to screen annually with their doctors.

October 29, 2008, West Palm Beach, FL: In 2004, breast cancer deaths in women totaled 40,954 out of the 186,000 women diagnosed. Current statistics estimate more than one in ten women will contract breast cancer in the United States at some time in their lives. Even though the awareness and incidence of breast cancer in America is well known, doctors continue to misdiagnose and mistreat breast cancer at alarming rates. According to medical malpractice attorneys in Florida and across the country, misdiagnosis and mistreatment of breast cancer is the cause of more medical malpractice claims than any other disease in the U.S.

West Palm Beach, FL medical malpractice attorneys along with the American Cancer Society are advising women that early detection and treatment of breast cancer has a high success rate. The most common failures of doctors and health care professionals regarding the diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer are listed below:

-Failure to perform annual breast exams
-Failure to identify lumps during a routine breast exam and order follow-up testing
-Failure to order and arrange x-rays, mammograms, CT scans and MRIs
-Failure to biopsy and diagnose tumors as malignant
-Failure to recognize common symptoms and notify patients of test results

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