Bill Clinton joins Barack Obama at rally in Central Florida

Former U.S. President Bill Clinton and Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama speak live in Kissimmee, FL

October 30, 2008 Kissimmee, FL Presidential election coverage: Former United States President Bill Clinton and Democratic presidential candidate Senator Barack Obama were greeted by Senator Bill Nelson of Florida last night. Florida is known as the historic swing state of the 2000 presidential election when Republicans and Democrats came to blows.

Floridians and American citizens witnessed prominent U.S. leaders at one of their finest hours last night. President Bill Clinton addressed the crowd declaring, “It’s time to come back again so we can take America forward.” Clinton declared four simple reasons why the Senator from Illinois is the man for the job:

-Ability to make a decision
-Ability to execute decisions inorder to change peoples lives

When the financial devastation of Wall Street exploded across the U.S. economy, Senator Obama conferenced with top political and economic leaders before offering Americans a solution. The democratic candidate asked top mentors and advisors, like President Clinton, Warren Buffet, and Paul Volker, former Federal Reserve Chairman, to tell him what is right to do for America and not what is popular. Americans are more than ready for the desperately needed change the election of Senator Obama will bring our great nation. President Clinton defines the United States, “America works from the ground up and not the top down.” The solid leaders continued to educate voters are the necessary changes needed today to help all Americans live healthier and financially sound lives.

Obama took the stage to an estimated enthusiastic crowd of 35,000 Florida voters announcing, “You can give this country the change we need.” He went on to claim his place amongst the swing state voters calling for a new kind of politics valuing “common sense over ideology”. Barack Obama says we need a better, smarter, competent government with jobs at home. Our country needs free trade policies that secure labor provisions ensuring the rights of American workers. He believes restoring the American dream will afford opportunities to all citizens. By bringing America back to core values, placing diplomacy before military presence, we will stand as the example of peace in the world market place. This basic principle will benefit all Americans financially. Historical records show every person elected president works tirelessly to do everything on his campaign “to do list”. Obama’s “to do list” has a better economic plan, education for all Americans, and health care for every man, woman, and child.

Bill Clinton educated the citizens of Florida citing 1 in 8 Americans cannot afford their cancer medications, and the U.S. ranks 29th in infant mortality rates worldwide. Clinton says this is a simple ballot to cast on November 4, “Obama has a better to do list!” Senator Obama has the fortitude to stand up and make the right decision to benefit all Americans. Consider your choices on November 4th when casting your vote in the Obama vs. McCain 2008 presidential election. It is time for all American voters, whether Republican, Democrat of Independent, to say enough is enough and vote for a new America. Americans are being called to bring this country back to its core value system.

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