FDA says Bayer Aspirin is lying

Bayer, a German drug manufacturing company, is told by the FDA to stop violating safety regulations. FDA says no more illegal drug marketing of aspirin by Bayer.

October 29, 2008: West Palm Beach, FL (JusticeNewsFlash.com) The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) warned Bayer yesterday with two letters. The FDA told the German conglomerate to stop false advertising of two types of Bayer products on the U.S. market. Bayer Women’s Low Dose Aspirin + Calcium and Bayer Aspirin with Health Advantage are marketed as being effective in battling heart disease and osteoporosis. The FDA states treatment for heart disease and osteoporosis must be reviewed by scientists and cannot be sold over the counter. Bayer has not complied with this regulation. According to the FDA, no major negative reactions have been reported with Bayer’s drugs.

The specialists at JusticeNewsFlash suggest consumers continue to educate themselves on the safety and efficacy of over-the-counter medications:

-Ask your doctor and other health professionals when adding of changing any medications.
-The pharmacist at your local drug store is a great resource in over-the-counter and prescription medication safety.
-The FDA posts safety alerts and recalls on their website for many U.S. Consumer products http://www.fda.gov
-If you or anyone you know has been injured by a medication defect or false advertising contact a skilled product liability lawyer

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