Republican Senator of Alaska Ted Stevens called to resign by John McCain

Breaking News: October 28, 2008, Washington-Republican Senator and presidential candidate from Arizona, John McCain, called for the resignation of convicted felon, Senator Ted Stevens today. Reports out of CNBC are revealing Alaskan Governor and McCain running mate, Sarah Palin, called for Stevens’ resignation also. Several other Republican leaders are also requesting the 40 year veteran Senator step down. Republican leaders are voicing Stevens had his day in court and the jury of his peers found him guilty on 7 felony counts.

Senator Stevens released a statement blaming the verdict on federal prosecutorial misconduct. He maintains his innocence and claims the jury verdict is unjust. He maintains his stance against the United States Justice Department lawyers and is asking Alaskans and his Senate colleagues to vote for him on November 4, one week from today. Senator Stevens is maintaining his Senate position and states he will remain a candidate for his seventh United States Senate term.

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