Palm Beach Surgery Center sues State Farm Insurance Company

South Florida personal injury lawyer Gary Roberts reports that a controversial Surgery Center where Perc Disc type surgery is performed has sued State Farm Insurance Company in Florida Federal Court.

The Surgery Center clinic is seeking to put an end to what they describe generally as State Farm Insurance Company’s misrepresentations and intimidation of their policyholders. According to experienced medical malpractice lawyer, Gary Roberts, the lawsuit alleges State Farm Insurance Company has taken extraordinary steps to discredit Plasma Disc Decompression (PDD) surgery and those doctors and facilities that perform the procedure.

Plasma Disc Decompression surgery, often called Perc Disc surgery, is alleged in the complaint to be a surgical option, yet to be significantly more expensive than the alternative treatments of physical therapy and pain treatment.

West Palm Beach Civil Trial Lawyer, Gary Roberts of West Palm Beach, in reviewing the Federal complaint commented that the Surgery Center’s approach to this case seems too broad and not focused. Much of what the clinic complains of are established trial practices.

News Contributor: Gary Roberts

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