Success on the Internet CEPAC Lawyer marketing using cooperation in action

Success on the Internet CEPAC Lawyer marketing using cooperation in action


Leading attorney-marketing (Lawyer Marketing) firm, Cepac, addresses social media within the world of online public relations. Lawyers creating links using cooperation in action will secure top organic web positions.

Rene Perras, Vice President of Cepac, a law firm marketing agency, provides an example, of a Philadelphia PA, personal injury lawyer, interested in branding and building his law firm on the Internet. By attracting endorsements, or votes of confidence, from other reputable authorities on the web, the attorney will become a trusted authority, in his own right, within the marketplace. The tactics of link building through a sustained social media and web marketing strategy will place the best law firms in the top positions.

Traditionally, brand awareness, for attorneys and lawyers, was achieved by using public relations agencies and their social contacts with print and television news organizations. The “PR CAMPAIGN” is based on the public relations agency’s recommendation of their clients’ stories for inclusion within the different media outlets as relevant news. This “PR PUSH” has become antiquated as more and more consumers choose the Internet as their preferred avenue for news, advice, and research. Internet real estate is now one of the top brokered commodities and is increasing daily. Hundreds of thousands of Internet searches, in the legal arena, are occurring on a monthly basis. We are seeing an “Internet Bull Market” and the personal injury lawyers who embrace Internet marketing through cooperation in action will become valuable brands themselves.

News contributor: Rene Perras, VP of new business development, an online public relations, lawyer marketing agency, with offices in New York, Dallas, San Francisco and West Palm Beach Florida.

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