Florida personal Injury lawyer-percutaneous disc surgery wind fall profits

Veteran South Florida personal injury attorney, Gary Roberts, says Perc Disc surgery may be “wind-fall” profits for doctors. Manipulation of medical billing to insurance companies raises questions.

Leading Palm Beach personal injury attorney, Gary Roberts, explains why many victims, of car wrecks, tractor-trailer crashes and work place accidents, sustain neck and back injuries. Victims of all kinds of accidents require sound medical care and legal advice. Spinal cord injuries are very common on our roadways and places of employment. Perc disc surgery has become a questionable procedure to neck and back injury victims in the medical and legal community.

Knowledgeable West Palm Beach Florida personal injury lawyer Gary Roberts provides the following insight, “Let’s say, you’ve been in a truck or motorcycle crash or a workers compensation accident and suffered a spinal injury. If you have health insurance, the payment for your medical care is pretty seamless. However, the medical and legal team you trust may be working behind the scene to make more money off your accident. Perc disc decompression surgery may be the springboard to windfall profits.”

As explained by skilled trial attorney, Gary Roberts, when you have a medical bill, after an accident, it is usually paid by an existing insurance policy. The insurance companies have pre-approved rates to reimburse doctors and hospitals. Because your medical team is also aware of these pre-approved rates, the ability to manipulate using “upcoding” is on the rise. So, your doctor may make a windfall profit by “upcoding” a percutaneous disc decompression surgical procedure.

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Gary W. Roberts - is a Board Certified (and recertified) Civil Trial Lawyer and thirty(30+) year member of The Florida Bar. Roberts is AV Rated by Martindale-Hubbell and practices in state and federal courts across the country with emphasis on medical malpractice and other significant personal injury and wrongful death cases. He is an active lecturer to both trial lawyer groups across the country and has written extensively on civil trials and matters affecting individuals and families injured by the negligence or irresponsible acts of another. A former member of the editorial board of The Florida Bar Journal, Roberts has extensive experience handling injuries and death cases involving truckling crashes, birth injuries and Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI). He is a Founding Fellow of the Southern Trial Lawyers Association (with members from 19 states) and a former member of the Board opf Directors of the Florida Trial Lawyers Association.