JNF- Breaking News: Bomb injures lawyers in Dalton, GA

An explosion on Friday October 18, 2008 injured four individuals at the law firm of McCamy Phillips Tuggle & Fordham in Dalton, Georgia. The only fatality was bomber himself -78-year-old Lloyd Sylvester Cantrell of Varnell, Georgia. Local authorities stated Cantrell first tried to ram the front of the law office with his GMC SUV but was unsuccessful.

He went to the rear of the building and attempted to enter the building, armed with a gasoline bomb. The bomb exploded just as Cantrell entered and severely burned attorney Jim Phillips in his attempt to stop Cantrell. Authorities found Cantrell’s SUV packed with explosives, including gasoline, propane and natural gas cylinders. Investigators concluded that Cantrell was angry with the firm, which was representing his son, Bruce Cantrell, in a 2006 property dispute. Further investigations are pending.

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