Florida product liability lawyer comments on contaminated milk scandal in China

West Palm Beach product liability attorney, Gary Roberts, agrees with the decision to remove milk products made before Sept. 14 from Chinese store shelves. Four babies have died and 53,000 are sick.

Concerned product defect lawyer, Roberts with the law firm of Gary Roberts and Associates states that the current situation in China is upsetting and must be resolved. In a notice issued by the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine stated: “All supermarkets, shops, and all city, town and village-level vendors will urgently remove and seal up all milk powder and liquid milk made before September 14, pending further testing.” Is the scare more widespread than thought? Reports indicate that at least 22 milk companies, (nearly 12%) of products tested had been found to contain melamine. This chemical, usually used to make plastic, has been found in fresh milk, powders, yogurt and other goods containing Chinese milk. This substance has caused kidney stones in thousands and the death of four infants. China’s Ministry of Health stated that 5,824 children are still receiving hospital treatment for kidney diseases.

Dedicated product liability lawyer, Roberts, provides helpful tips from the FDA for consumers:

1) Monitor the FDA website and browse for new recalls.

2) Read labels carefully. The FDA warns the public that not all food products sold in Asian markets may be safe.

3) Do not buy Chinese-imported infant formula products or other milk-based products online.

The South Florida product liability law firm of Gary Roberts and Associates urges individuals to report any illness in your children as soon as it is detected and contact a product liability attorney to help guide you through the complex process of filing a claim against a specific company that has caused injury or even death to your family.

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