Breaking news:  Dallas trial lawyer & Democratic fund raiser, Fred Baron, is dying of cancer. Presidents, senators, and Democratic party leaders are pleading with drug company, Biogen Idec.

Texas product liability attorney, Fred Baron, “The King of Toxic Torts”, is pleading with drug company, Biogen Idec, officials to allow him use of an experimental cancer drug. The former president of the Association of Trial Lawyers of America has final stage multiple myeloma. Multiple myeloma is a type of bone marrow cancer with no known cure. The drug in question, Tysabri, has been approved for use with multiple sclerosis and Crohn’s disease. Tysabri triggers specific immune system responses with certain cell structures. Treating doctors at the Mayo Clinic believe Mr. Baron’s cancer has the same markers.

Biogen has recently begun testing Tysabri for off-label use with multiple myeloma cancer. The company currently has sole discretion of off-label uses for Tysabri. The drug manufacturer is not granting the Baron family access. The retired Dallas trial attorney and his family are hoping Biogen Idec officials will change their minds and allow use of the possible lifesaving drug. Fred Baron is running out of time and Tysabri seems to be his last option.

Gifted product liability lawyer, Baron, retired at the end of 2002 after he sold his shares in Baron & Budd. His former law firm is one of the largest firms in the United States and has fought courageously for victims rights. The lawyer has advocated for people injured by chemical exposure particularly involving asbestos products resulting in mesothelioma lung cancer lawsuits.

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