Bay area mesothelioma lawyer explains Ohio Supreme Court law on asbestos cases

San Francisco mesothelioma attorney, Mary Alexander, gives clarity on an Ohio Supreme Court’s ruling that a 2004 law can be applied to current mesothelioma settlements that were previously pending.

Experienced northern California mesothelioma cancer lawyer, Alexander, understands why patients suffering from mesothelioma cancer are frustrated with the Ohio Supreme Court’s 6-1 decision. Now, a law passed on September 2, 2004, can be applied to mesothelioma cases or any asbestos-related injury cases that were already in the court system to be determined. The 2004 law requires a medical expert personally treat the claimant rather than just review their files. In addition, plaintiffs must show specific medical evidence that asbestos exposure caused the mesothelioma cancer or another medical impairment. 40,000 Ohio asbestos cases filed before the law was enacted are likely to be dismissed.

Dedicated mesothelioma lawyer, Alexander, gives the following statistics:

• The first asbestos lawsuit in the United States was filed in 1929
• Over 600,000 more have been filed since then against about 6,000 defendants
• Total cost of asbestos litigation in the United States may eventually reach $200 billion.

San Francisco mesothelioma lawyers at the law firm of Mary Alexander & Associates believe it is imperative to contact a mesothelioma cancer attorney immediately. Although the cancer-causing substance takes years to develop, so do mesothelioma cancer settlements.

Contributor: Mary Alexander, skilled mesothelioma cancer lawyer, experienced in the areas of asbestosis, lung cancer cases and pleural mesothelioma and peritoneal mesothelioma settlements.

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