Many infant deaths have occurred from defective cribs

West Palm Beach product liability attorney, Susan Ramsey, states many infant deaths have occurred from defective cribs. Lawyer believes consequences for the crib manufacturing companies should be applied.

Concerned Florida product liability lawyer, Ramsey with Gary Roberts and Associates, P.A., states that the children’s cribs are being poorly built, causing serious injuries and deaths in infants. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission recalled 2,000 PlayKids convertible cribs in result of a 5-month old baby’s death. The crib’s poor design creates a gap between the mattress and the side of the crib. Consumers should be aware if they purchased a crib between March 2007 and September 2008. The crib recall only applies to model number PLK-909.

Knowledgeable product defect lawyer, Ramsey, lists the possible theories under which you can file a product liability lawsuit:

• Design Defects: Liability arises from a mistake or oversight in the design of a product, which makes it dangerous when used as intended

• Manufacturing Defects: Liability arises from a defect that results from the manufacturing process.

• Marketing Defects: inadequate warning labels or instructions, that prevent a user from recognizing a defect in the product, or from being aware of how to safely use the product.

South Florida product liability law firm of Gary Roberts and Associates urges owners of the specific crib model to contact a product liability lawyer. A product liability lawyer can help assist you when a product causes injury, by assessing the injury and damage as a result of a negligent or defective product.

Contributor: Susan B. Ramsey, skilled product liability attorney, specializing in product liability lawsuits, wrongful death cases and personal injury law.

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