South Florida drug litigation lawyer comments on Large drug settlement

Experienced drug litigation attorney, Gary Roberts investigates Pfizer Inc.’s recent agreement to pay $894 million to resolve lawsuits. The cases involve painkillers Celebrex and Bextra.

Concerned product liability lawyer, Roberts, states the world’s largest drug manufacturer, Pfizer, will pay $745 million to settle 90 percent of the suits, making this the fourth largest in the U.S. this year, according to Bloomberg data. The remainder will go to end class-action consumer fraud lawsuits and charges of inappropriate marketing by 33 states including D.C. and New York.

Claims by the individuals who used Celebrex and Bextra state that there was a definite increase in the risk of heart attacks or strokes. Although Bextra was recalled over a rare skin condition in 2005, Celebrex is still on the mass market. Roberts notes that injuries relating to painkillers and other drugs are numerous. In these settlements alone, over 3,000 patients have alleged the drugs caused their injuries. According to a study at the American College of Cardiology meeting, patients taking the biggest Celebrex dose of 400 milligrams twice a day tripled their chance of a heart attack or stroke, compared with people taking a placebo. In 2011, the Cleveland Clinic will conduct a $100 million study of 20,000 patients comparing Celebrex with pain pills such as ibuprofen.

Skilled drug litigation lawyer, Roberts states drug-related product liability claims come in three basic claims:

• claims based on defectively manufactured drugs,
• drugs with dangerous side effects,
• improperly marketed drugs

Additionally, Roberts urges those injured to determine where the fault falls, on any of the following:

• Drug manufacturer
• Testing laboratory
• Pharmaceutical sales representative
• Doctor
• Hospital
• Pharmacy

West Palm Beach product liability law firm of Gary Roberts and Associates suggests contacting a drug litigation attorney to determine if you have a strong case against a pharmaceutical company. An experienced drug litigation lawyer will help you receive the compensation for injuries suffered.

Contributor: Gary Roberts, leading product liability lawyer skilled in drug litigation suits, product liability cases and medical malpractice claims.

Authored by: Jana Simard, Legal News Reporter specializing in drug litigation for JusticeNewsFlash, a legal news distribution network covering stories relating to medical malpractice, product liability and drug litigation.

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