Dallas construction accident lawyer comments on construction-related deaths

Experienced construction accident attorney, Shelly T. Greco, explores the rising numbers of construction accidents. Poor assembly of equipment has resulted in construction worker deaths.

Dedicated Texas construction accident lawyer, Greco, is concerned with the increasing number of construction worker deaths at job sites. The workmen were part of a crew expanding the AstraZeneca research center. A hydraulic lift collapsed and fell thirty feet to the ground killing Peter Mrchese, 40, of Nashua, New Hampshire. The injured workman at the site was taken to the hospital and died a few days later from his injuries. Safety officials and Waltham police found the lift holding the men was not set up properly. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is investigating the unfortunate event. These accidents have become too common at construction sites in America.

Concerned work place accident attorney, Shelly Greco, with Eberstein and Witherite, found the following pertinent information:
· Construction accounted for 1,239 fatal work injuries (the most of any industry sector in 2006)
· The total construction death count represented an increase of 3 percent over 2005 figures.
· Fatalities among specialty trade contractors have risen 6 percent: from 677 fatalities in 2005 to 721 in 2006.

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Contributor: Shelly T. Greco, with Eberstein and Witherite, personal injury lawyer skilled in construction-related accidents, wrongful death cases and product liability lawsuits.

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