Wrongful death lawyer investigates nursing home abuse

A wrongful death attorney states that the amount of abuse and neglect in nursing homes is extremely prevalent. Standards have been lowered over the past decades that have led to unnecessary deaths of the elderly.

One such example is that of Mr. Elmore Kittower, 80, who died in November 2007 after he was tortured and physically abused by employees at Silverado Senior Living, a Calabasas nursing home, in Los Angles, California. Los Angeles County Sheriff Department detectives have arrested four people, one of which was a 20-year-old by the name of Cesar Ulloa. The wrongful outcome of death in this circumstance is devastating. Unfortunately, abuse and neglect is not uncommon to nursing homes all over America.

Factors that contribute to the abuse or neglect of nursing home residents include:

– Inadequately and poorly trained staff

– Scarce numbers of staff employed in these facilities

– Staff improperly screened for criminal histories

– The isolation of residents to tend to themselves

– The reluctance of residents to report abuse out of embarrassment or fear

It is extremely important on the part of the family or guardian to investigate and report any suspected instances of abuse or neglect.

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Contributor: Amy K. Witherite, Dallas wrongful death lawyer

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