West Palm V.A. medical malpractice lawyer-Alaska National Guard Crisis

Dedicated South Florida V.A. malpractice attorney, Susan Ramsey, with Gary Roberts and Associates, expresses concern with veteran’s health care. Lawyer comments our troops need prompt care.

Strong medical negligence litigator Susan Ramsey finds preliminary report by the Veterans for America (VFA) alarming. October 1, 2008, the VFA released findings regarding the current state of affairs affecting Alaska Army National Guard members. The report indicates many of Alaska’s Guard have been deployed and redeployed in the presence of no available care and treatment available to them upon returning home. More than 25% of the National Guard troops live 60 miles or greater from a Veterans Affairs medical facility. This distance inhibits receiving treatment. A trip to Anchorage may exceed $1500 per person. This upfront cost is too much, especially in the presence of our worsening economy.

West Palm Beach medical malpractice attorney stresses the importance of troops registering with the closest V.A. medical facility immediately upon return home. Troops and families need to save all receipts and records for care outside of the V.A. facilities. The Department of Veteran’s Affairs has a website http://www.va.gov/. Most forms and applications may be acquired online. The government website has useful information; possibly providing benefits and education without having to spend time and money on unnecessary trips to facilities. Local libraries may also provide access to internet services at little to no charge for members advises Ms. Ramsey.

An educated Veterans Affairs medical malpractice attorney may help your soldier or family if you have been denied benefits or injured by health care providers. Contacting a lawyer with experience in medical malpractice, veteran’s affairs, government litigation, worker’s compensation and employment benefits may help.

Contributor: Susan Ramsey, Esq., Gary Roberts and Associates, www.palmbeachtrailattorney.net, 888-302-6930.

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