Allan Ziffra, Orlando personal injury lawyer educates driver safety

Skilled Orlando car accident attorney, Allan Ziffra with Rue & Ziffra, discusses driver safety on streets and highways. Lawyer cautions driver awareness to avoid motor vehicle collision(MVC).

Orange County Florida experienced personal injury lawyer, Allan Ziffra, with Rue & Ziffra, P.A., discusses motor vehicle safety while driving. Speeds on highways in south Florida vary around 70 miles per hour. People speed up and suddenly slow down during morning and afternoon traffic times for many different reasons. The most common is a traffic jam due to a car crash. Many times people are rear-ended due to quick variations in speed and simply not paying attention.

Allen Ziffra, long-standing personal injury lawyer has been successfully advocating for victims involved in these types of accidents. He advises on simple ways of protecting oneself from causing or sustaining a collision.
Hands free cell phone use is important
Keeping eyes on the road and surrounding vehicles
Tune into local radio station traffic reports before and during your commute
Maintain adequate distance from the car in front of you
Wear your seat belt at all times
Service your car and tires for regular maintenance and repair.

According to Orlando attorney, Allen Ziffra, these simple steps may keep you from ever having to experience the pain and injury from a MVC. Having worked with many injured drivers and passengers, to receive compensation for pain and suffering, he knows taking simple steps to avoid a car crash serves everyone.

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