Breaking news: U.S. retaliation leads Pakistan suicide bomber to kill 20

Islamabad, Pakistan: Claims of U.S. suspected missile attacks on militants in Pakistan’s Northwest region have not ceased. North Waziristan was attacked late Thursday resulting in 9 new deaths, and the U.S. government may be to blame. Pakistan officials state the U.S. Government’s continuation of cross-border assaults is further destabilizing Pakistan. The Muslim country’s own efforts to resolve terrorist tactics are being thwarted by the U.S. Military and resulting in additional retaliation. A suicide bomber killed at least 13 and left more than 50 injured when he attacked an anti-insurgent group in a northwest tribal area. The Pakistan Foreign Ministry said the alleged U.S. attacks are helping terrorists. The impatience of the outgoing American political administration to capture Bin-Laden and other Al-Qaida and Taliban terrorists may be doing more harm to an already devastated area.

Heather L. Ryan,

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