Barack Obama or John McCain, who is the best man for the job?

West Palm Beach Florida-With 25 days to go before Super Tuesday, the rhetoric is heating up and Senator McCain supporters are asking the question: Who is Barack Obama?

The implication is that he is not who he professes to be, that there is some big dark secret that will eventually rear its ugly head. The truth is that if anything like this existed right wing conservatives would have exploited it a long time ago. We have seen these tactics before and they are an indication of how desperate Republicans have become.

The win-at-all-cost mentality is starting to backfire on the Republican ticket of McCain and Palin. Fear as a tactic, for the first time in a long time, is losing its grip and being replaced by nobility, respect, compassion, and consideration. These are all values that are a true reflection of leadership, strength and the American way.

When Senator Obama was introduced to the national scene four years ago at the Democratic national convention he touched and inspired a great many Americans to reach within. This continues with his bid to become president of the United States, and his efforts to inspire and illuminate the way by example. His decision to take the high road, no matter what the consequences, has served him well in this election process. This is the essence of Barack Obama and what makes him ready to undertake this great responsibility.

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