Construction accident lawyer-thousands of deaths due to Las Vegas construction

A construction accident lawyer reports that with so many new construction projects in Las Vegas, the recent reports show that death rates are increasing due to construction projects. Are Nevada contractors and agencies to blame, or is it the personal fault of the workers?

Personal injury lawyer states that according to the Las Vegas Sun, there have been 12 construction-related deaths in less than 19 months. This actually exceeds the total amount for the entire 1990’s building boom. The majority of the deaths result from the construction projects known as the CityCenter and Cosmopolitan. The general contractor for both projects, the Perini Building Company’s data has shown that since the projects began in 2006, “nearly 1,100 workers have suffered injuries requiring medical care while working at CityCenter and at the Cosmopolitan, about 240 workers have been injured.” According to an article in the Las Vegas Sun, “the national average for nonresidential building projects is 5.4 injuries per 200,000 hours worked. That would translate into 550 injuries at CityCenter and 140 at the Cosmopolitan from inception of the projects through August.”

Although the contracting companies and officials are stating that it is the negligence of the workers, the workers are complaining of the demanding working conditions.

The strip’s construction injuries stem from:
• crowded sites
• heavy reliance on overtime
• an influx of out-of-town workers
• tight deadlines

Now, major construction companies are requiring that every worker undergo 10 hours of OSHA-certified safety training. Also, Perini stated that it would partner with OSHA to conduct a comprehensive inspection of every contractor on the CityCenter and Cosmopolitan sites. Measures such as these must be implemented to prevent further unnecessary deaths.

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Contributor: Jana Simard, Construction accident reporter

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