West Palm medical malpractice lawyer-nursing shortages equals patient deaths

Dedicated South Florida medical malpractice attorney, Susan Ramsey, comments nursing shortages directly relate to patient injury and death. Palm Beach County attorney advises on patient safety.

As reported by West Palm Beach medical injury attorney, Susan Ramsey with Gary Roberts and Associates, www.palmbeachtrialattorney.net, a 2002 University of Pennsylvania study compared adverse patient outcomes to nursing hours worked. The study determined a patient’s overall risk of death rose roughly 7 percent, for each additional patient, above four on a nurse’s workload. The study clearly revealed longer hours worked affected the rate of error and liability losses, plus the supply of nurses is falling even though the need continues to rise. It is a known fact amongst the South Florida nursing community that nurse to patient ratios range from 1:6 up to 1:15. It is now 2008, nurse patient ratios remain high, nursing position vacancies remain over 100,000, and patient lives remain at risk.

How to communicate your needs while under the care of hospital professionals according to the law firm of Gary Roberts and Associates.

  • Report all symptoms and concerns to the hospital staff immediately.
  • Use the call light
  • Don’t be afraid to “bother” your nurse or the floor staff
  • Know your patient Bill of Rights.
  • Carry a current list of your medications and allergies and provide this list to the hospital staff repeatedly.
  • Communicate with the hospital administration (charge nurse, nursing supervisor and risk manager).

As discussed with the lawyers of Gary Roberts and Associates, nursing shortages and hospitals inability to provide adequate nursing care causes preventable injuries and unnecessary deaths. If you or someone you know has been harmed contact Susan Ramsey with Gary Roberts and Associates, www.palmbeachtrailattorney.net, 888-302-6930. They will listen to your problems and address your needs.

Medical Malpractice News Reporter: Heather L. Ryan at JusticeNewsFlash.com

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