Dallas Auto Accident lawyer on Fatal Auto Injuries

A Dallas Auto Accident Attorney in an interview with Justice News Reporter gives detail into a recent collision between a pedestrian and a pickup truck, which resulted in the pedestrian’s death.

In 2007 alone, there were 41,059 total automobile accidents, wherein 37,248 of these resulted in some form of fatality. Personal injury lawyers across America are urging drivers to use caution on the roadways and constantly be aware of your surroundings. A Tulsa man recently died in vain while trying to help injured persons in a car accident. 29-year-old Anthony Mattaliano pulled up to the scene and was unexpectedly hit from behind by a pickup truck.

The scene of an auto accident can be devastating. Many times, the parties are left unsure of what to do or who to contact.

Helpful tips to follow after you are involved in an auto accident states Dallas Auto Accident lawyer

1. Observe all injuries and damages: Look at both vehicles and document as specifically as possible the extent of the damage. In addition, make a note of how either party claims to be injured.

2. Contact a police officer. Have either party call 911 to request a law enforcement officer at the scene of the accident, even if no one was hurt. It is important for legal reasons that the officer documents the details.

3. Exchange information. Be sure you have the other parties contact information accurately written down.

4. Contact your insurance agency.

Accidents often shake a person up, so it is important to remain calm, get the information you need and proceed. Following the steps above can help the process move more smoothly. Overall, it is the responsibility of each individual operating a motor vehicle on the roads and highways to pay attention and use caution at all times.

Contributing writer, Jana Simard, car accident reporter reporting live from Dallas, Texas

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