News Credit: Amy Witherite a Dallas Veteran Medical Malpractice Lawyer explains Veteran Medical Malpractice. Cleveland, Ohio – Family members of war veterans are well aware of the horrible conditions characteristic of thousands of the VA hospitals across America. More importantly, these former soldiers have become too familiar with unsanitary environments, hostile staff and wrongful, unnecessary deaths. How is it that those we honor and love, servants of our country, must endure these disgusting conditions?

No individual even wants to entertain the thought of an unclean medical device being used on him during a procedure nevertheless actually have that become a reality. There has been story after story of simple, routine procedures that have resulted in serious bodily injury or death.

A medical malpractice case was reported surrounding the death of a Mr. Terry Soles, a veteran from Vietnam. He went to a VA hospital in 1998 complaining of diarrhea and pain where his doctors removed small, cancerous growths from his stomach and esophagus. But this was only the beginning; the VA hospital administered many painful tests, but lost the results! After months of misdiagnosis and failure of treatment, Mr. Soles’ cancer spread rapidly and killed him three days later.

In 2006, there were 145 malpractice lawsuits, which racked up settlements over $29 million dollars. But the main question is – when will our veterans receive the care and attention they deserve? There is talk in the House and Senate for new congressional funding for VA hospitals. This would be the largest single combination of cash in the 77-year-history of Veteran’s Affairs. Veterans and their families are keeping their fingers crossed. Until this is passed, our war veterans will continue to endure awful hospital conditions and lack of care.

News Source: : — Amy Witherite, Dallas Veteran Medical Malpractice Lawyer

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