Vice-presidential contest-Biden defeats Palin

West Palm Beach Florida-Champion of the working class Joe Biden leaves the hockey mom well enough alone.

West Palm Beach, Florida ( — With so much attention leading up to the debate on the Republican vice-presidential candidate, Sarah Palin, especially after the missteps in her interview with CBS news anchor Katie Couric, were she became comic relief for every late night television host. Republicans drew a tremendous sigh of relieved when Governor Palin exceeded all expectations.. There will be no more mocking, the only unpredictable outcome in the debate was that Sarah Palin recovered some of here credibility and respect with her performance tonight.

This was the high point for the GOP, everything else went according to plan for Democrats. Joe Biden’s 36 years of experience in the US senate is what made him the clear winner. Senator Biden’s strategy of maintaining the connection that a McCain administration would be the equivalent or continuation of 4 more years of George W. Bush was successful.

Contributor Rene Perras Justice news flash writer

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