Dallas mesothelioma lawyer sees new Exxon scandal

Dallas mesothelioma lawyer sees new Exxon scandal. Exxon Corporation was aware of asbestos contamination for decades. No required safety measures were implemented by the corporation, causing death.

Corporate manipulation of accurate information in the United States is nothing new. When companies such as Exxon attempt to hide behind this façade, and a death results in our workforce, no purpose is served. Many times, a personal injury lawyer is the only avenue to remedy these types of injuries.

It is one thing to possess information concerning a server health risk and another to sweep it under the rug. The Exxon Mobil Corporation has known since 1937 that their equipment and machinery contained the cancer-causing agent known as asbestos. If inhaled, the particles latch onto the lining of the lungs and breed an incurable cancer called mesothelioma, but even this did not prompt them to remove the substances. Exxon’s irresponsibility to address the needs of its asbestos workers was displayed by the death of Mr. Bruce Spillman.

From the years of 1945 to 1949, Mr. Spillman worked on Exxon towboats and in the engine rooms. He also worked as a welder in Exxon’s Baton Rouge oil refinery, all the while being exposed to the deadly asbestos particles. Negligently, Exxon blatantly ignored warnings to clear their chemical plants, oil refineries and other buildings. In 2005, Mr. Spillman was diagnosed with mesothelioma cancer and died later that year.

The Louisiana’s 1952 Workers’ Compensation Act does not cover mesothelioma, so Exxon had no scapegoat. Furthermore, the proceedings found large amounts of evidence that proved Exxon was well aware of the horrible working conditions endured by its employees. In September 2008, the Louisiana First Court of Appeal affirmed the trial court’s 2006 judgment. This awarded considerable damages to the Spillman family for their loss.

It is simply unjust to knowingly permit workers to be in these kinds of conditions and refuse to protect them. The Dallas mesothelioma injury lawyers of Eberstien and Witherite are here to help. Their personal injury firm represents individuals with mesothelioma, diseases caused by unsafe pharmaceuticals and all other injuries inflicted by negligent corporations.

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