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A Palm Beach, Florida Mesothelioma lawyer explores why companies ignore the potential dangers, found in buildings contaminated with asbestos and why they continue to expose their employees to these harmful environments.

Each year 2,500 to 4,000 individuals in the United States are diagnosed with mesothelioma and asbestos-related diseases and this number is only estimated to increase in future years. Diagnosing the Mesothelioma cancer is extremely difficult due to its tendency to remain dormant or inactive for long periods of time, some extending to over 40 years. Scientists who study the cancer-causing asbestos particles have developed new treatments for the disease.

Patients diagnosed with mesothelioma cancer often elect to undergo basic treatments such as surgery, chemotherapy, or radiation. But according to a recent article in Connective Tissue Research, recent studies have discovered more specific options that now focus on the biological factors in a person. Current mesothelioma treatments were originally designed for other types of cancers, without considering factors that may be specific to mesothelioma, which explains why many patients only partially respond to treatment.

The lead study author, Katalin Dobra, MD, PhD, a researcher in the Department of Laboratory Medicine at the Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm, Sweden, states that “The key to prolonging the lives of mesothelioma patients may lie in more specific “targeted therapies” that address the mechanisms that drive disease progression. “The term ‘targeted therapy’ refers to a new generation of anti-cancer drugs designed to interfere with a specific molecular ‘target,’ most often a protein or a receptor that is believed to have a critical role in tumor growth.”
Pro-active studies and approaches to the cancer-causing agent – asbestos- have the potential to save the lives of those suffering from mesothelioma.

If you or a family member has been recently diagnosed with mesothelioma cancer, the time to act is now. Contacting a mesothelioma lawyer is the easiest and most reliable ways to help you receive compensation for past sufferings and future medical costs.

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