Dallas Construction Injury Attorney Educates

Dallas Construction Injury lawyer educates on the rush to complete projects before the winter, which is causing many unnecessary accidents among workers.

The season of winter poses many potential dangers at a construction site. Surfaces that were once safe now become death traps using the fresh snow and ice. It has been observed that many workers will rush the project’s completion before the winter sets in. The New York Times reported that construction injuries have almost doubled from 23 to 42 from November 2006 to 2007.

Construction-related injuries are frequent before, during and after the wintertime; therefore workers must exercise extreme caution in order to avoid accidents and injuries on construction sites. In addition to the workers constantly being on guard and in control, the contractors and developers must keep a close eye on their construction sites and ensure that their workers are in safe working conditions and allotted sufficient time to finish the job.

Steps to follow after a construction site accident:

* Seek immediate medical assistance. Have a medical professional determine what injuries you have sustained.

* Notify the shift supervisor or the general contractor of the accident.

* Report the accident to OSHA.

* Find your witnesses. Get the names and addresses of any workers or contractors that were on the job site at the time of the accident.

*Document the conditions. You should take pictures of the accident scene, including any faulty machinery or hazardous work areas around the job site.

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