Auto Accident Attorney on Cell Phone Ban

Our roadways and interstates are dangerous enough with all the traffic, young and old drivers and distractions. A driver who is completing other tasks while driving their car puts many people, including himself, at great risk.

Driver who talk on their cell phones, text message, eat, drink, or constantly change the music are a threat to others in cars around them. Many of us think we have a sense of indestructibility and multi-tasking when in reality we do not. Many state lawmakers have realized this is a grave danger and something must be done. Although many states in America have a law, which prohibits talking on the cell phone while driving, there must be stricter regulations enforced. The new phenomenon of texting also has been the culprit of thousands of auto accidents, including the recent train crash in Los Angeles. Auto accidents can occur at anytime to anyone. It is the duty of all American citizens who operate vehicles to be prepared to prevent an auto accident, and the way to do this is by keeping your attention on the roads at all times. Citizens must also urge their state legislatures to enforce laws that ban cell phone use on the roads.

Contributor: Susan Ramsey, West Palm Beach Auto Accident Lawyer – Reporter

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