Who is responsible for NuvaRing Defects?

West Palm Beach, Florida (JusticeNewsFlash.com) — Susan B. Ramsey, a major player in the legal world of product liability lawyers, educates on the recent injuries caused by NuvaRing defects– the hormonal contraceptive that is now causing serious injuries in many women.

The once-a-month contraceptive gives women an easier alternative to taking the pill every day, but could this NuvaRing actually be a detriment to women’s health? The small plastic ring remains in the woman’s uterus for a three-week period during which hormones are released into her bloodstream that prevent pregnancy. Yet it has recently been discovered that the specific type of hormone released by NuvaRing, desogestral, is extremely harmful. This hormone is the culprit of many cases of blood clots, strokes, heart attacks, pulmonary embolisms and even deaths.

Who is responsible for this? Organon – the NuvaRing manufacturer. If you have been affected by the contraceptive, contact the personal injury lawyer, Susan B. Ramsey. It is unacceptable for this product, and all products, to cause serious trauma and even cardiac arrest. Therefore, the personal injury lawyers at Gary Roberts & Associates are committed to holding the NuvaRing manufacturer, Organon, accountable for the injuries caused by this hazardous product.

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