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A West Palm Beach, Florida personal injury lawyer gives insight on how the enthusiasm shown by the California Hispanic community to participate in the election process may benefit Florida residents currently suffering injuries.

San Francisco, California–The Hispanic population in California and other states organized a voter registration drive in order to give the Spanish-speaking citizens a voice in the upcoming election. The drive hopes to register 1 million Hispanic voters.

As referenced by an article on American Injury News, “Central and South Americans are flocking to the United States in search of a better life. Once they have been granted citizenship, they must navigate the complex world of legal issues and politics. Each and every American citizen has the right and duty to vote, but how can this be achieved if there are citizens who are unaware of their rights and responsibilities? This drive is simply to educate them on the process of voting, an all-American effort.”

As is true in all states across the nation, the efforts of blue-collar workers is highly Hispanic, this is especially true in the southern state of Florida. There are thousands of construction workers and laborers in south Florida, many of which are exposed to a variety of work related injuries and accidents. We rely on the Hispanic population to fulfill high-risk injury jobs in the construction and service industries.

If the movement occurring in California were adopted in Florida, the Hispanic population may have a stronger voice. In correlation, if there were more Hispanic members that held Florida congress seats, the necessary voice may influence change on the current Florida laws.

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