Why Medical malpractice lawyers are receiving more calls?

Medication errors are estimated to cause over 100,000 deaths a year. An experienced medical malpractice lawyer may help if you or a loved has experienced an injury related to a medication error.

Daytona Beach, Florida –The Center for Education and Research (CDER), an agency of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration agrees with these figures and states these injuries are completely preventable. Lawyers and health care organizations are also aware this is a direct correlation with the high costs of medical care.

Costs associated with medication errors, also know as adverse drug reactions (ADR), total over $136 billion yearly. This is greater than the total costs of cardiovascular or diabetic care. The length of stay, cost and mortality of patients is double when compared to people who are not suffering, as a result of this negligence.

Medication errors cause 1 out of 5 injuries or deaths per year to hospitalized patients. These figures are staggering. Lawyers are aware of these findings and find the current laws are not protecting the consumers. The call for increased education and communication to doctors, nurses, and hospitals in vital for our patient’s safety.

Medical malpractice lawyers are receiving more calls from consumers with complaints of injuries, as a direct result of health care workers’ negligence. The legal community is growing more frustrated with the current laws not providing the protection from these injuries or appropriate compensation for damages.

It is important for people to be aware of the high incidence of mistakes occurring regarding the handling and dispensing of medications in health care settings.
Consulting a medical malpractice lawyer may help you to determine if you have been wronged and what your rights are under the law.

News credit / interview: Daytona Medical Malpractice Attorneys Rue & Ziffra, P.A., serving Orlando, Melbourne and South Florida

News Reporter: Heather Ryan, Florida based medical malpractice news reporter for JusticeNewsFlash.com – News announcement for personal injury lawyers

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