Dallas Mesothelioma Lawyer Provides Post Hurricane Ike Tip

Dallas, Texas – Concerned with the damages left by Hurricane Ike, the EPA has issued safety warnings to the residents of Texas to avoid contact with buildings contaminated with asbestos.

In the wake of Hurricane Ike, many schools, homes and government buildings were ripped apart, exposing asbestos in their walls and foundations. Asbestos is can mainly be found in roof tiles, dry walls, attic insulations, and floor tiles. Therefore, the Environmental Protection Agency has waned individuals to use caution when searching or cleaning the wreckage in their homes, schools and businesses, as much of the asbestos is airborne. If inhaled, the toxic particles can affect the lungs and lining of heart, which is known to cause mesothelioma cancer.

Recently, the EPA has set certain guidelines that should be followed in order to safeguard ones health:

1. This is not a ‘do it yourself mission’. It is dangerous as people can risk their lives and the lives on their loved ones while not practicing caution around asbestos polluted environment. Professional’s help should be called for and once the area is clean from asbestos contamination repairing work should be done.

2. If residents decide to work out the way through asbestos themselves, they should wear protective masks that cover their nose and mouth so as not to inhale airborne asbestos dust and particles.

3. Do not get rid of asbestos by throwing away waste cartons or material. Extra care should be taken as asbestos containing material could contaminate the surroundings. Hiring a certified professional for removal of damaged asbestos items is advised. If anyone violates the guidelines set for removal and disposal of asbestos he / she might face huge penalties or imprisonment.

4. Any asbestos contamination must be reported to the authorities immediately.

If enough asbestos is inhaled, the individual is at risk to develop mesothelioma cancer, and the results over time could be deadly. Contacting a mesothelioma cancer lawyer is essential for anyone who has been diagnosed with mesothelioma cancer.

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