New York City Personal Injury Lawyer Chris McGrath gives input

If you have ever been involved in a car crash, you know the feelings that arise only minutes after the collision. First, you check to make sure yourself and others you are with are all right, proceed to the awkward exchange of information and anxiously await the damages in medical and car bills. It can be a difficult and confusing process, but with the help of a New York personal injury lawyer, the burden can be lightened. So now, how do you choose? What makes one personal injury lawyer better than another?

One way to be sure you select the right lawyer is to look at his credentials and experience. An excellent example is Chris McGrath, a leading New York City motor vehicle accident lawyer at Sullivan, Papain, Block, McGrath, & Cannavo. McGrath has over 25 years of experience and is skilled in the areas of general negligence, medical malpractice, motor vehicle and construction site accidents as well as premises and municipal liability related litigation in New York and Long Island. When asked in an interview with Cepac Lawyer Marketing why he became a lawyer, McGrath said, “The reason I became a lawyer is to help people who, quite frankly, need someone to help them in the most devastating time when they’re a victim of either a serious accident or medical negligence.” Additionally, McGrath is Board Certified in Civil Trial Advocacy, is a member of the Million Dollar Advocate Forum, named as one of the top 500 personal injury attorneys in America and was named as one of New York’s Super Lawyers by the New York Times. McGrath was also President of the Nassau County Bar Association for the 2005-2006 term.

His recent successes include an $11 million recovery in a wrongful death case involving a motor vehicle accident, and a $4 million recovery for an injured worker at a construction site. If you’ve been injured, you could be compensated awards like this too. McGrath is dedicated to representing his clients to the very end. He is understanding and ready to help you.

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