200 Texas bus companies ordered not to operate but aren’t listening

Dallas, Texas -With over 300 bus companies operating in the state of Texas, there is much room for error on the roadways. Lately, there has been an increase in the number of bus accidents, with severe counts of fatalities; the most recent was that of the August 8, 2008 crash that killed 17 passengers. Therefore, state officials are cracking down. Over the past 24 months, 201 bus companies have had their authorization revoked, stated the Texas Department of Transportation. This means that two out of every five Texas charter bus companies have been ordered off the road in the past two years, but are they complying?

The truthful answer is that many are not. They are changing company names in order to continue operating in secret. One of these was the Houston-based company that caused the accident in Sherman. Officials had already revoked the company’s bus license, but they discarded that order and continued under a false and unregistered name. Furthermore, two other bus companies in Houston and Irving have been shut down for being affiliated with revoked companies. After the many accidents, this is unacceptable. It is a simple concept to follow, really. If your license is revoked, you refrain from driving. It is merely an issue of courtesy and safety to the public. Large groups are constantly hiring coach busses, whether it is an elementary school on a field trip or a church group on a mission, and they have a right to obtain information about the company – positives and negatives. The state Transportation Department is in agreement with this. Recently, the Department has begun to make these records more accessible to the public by posting complaints filed against bus companies. This information can be found on the Transportation Department’s Web site, www.txdot.gov.

Accidents involving large charter busses almost always result in serious injuries or death. Many factors can contribute to severe damages, such as driver negligence, dangerous roadways, defective products and improper maintenance, and even operating without a license. If you have been injured as the result of a bus accident, especially one in which was ordered to cease operation, you are entitled to file a claim against the bus company. The Dallas bus accidents injury lawyers  lawyers of Eberstein and Witherite are here to help you.

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