Too many recalls, too many consequences

Too many recalls, too many consequences


Washington, D.C. ( – News Report) – Toys painted with toxic lead paint, melamine-tainted pet food, and toothpaste laced with antifreeze – what’s next? Contaminated infant formula. It has gone too far. When does our nation finally say, “Stop, now you are harming our children”? Each of the recalled products has been made in Southern China’s low-cost factories with the barest minimum of regulations.

The United States became extremely concerned about the 700 tons of tainted powdered milk that was recently recalled in China. The powdered milk has been linked to two infant deaths (one in the U.S. and one in China) and over 50 cases of kidney stones. The FDA states that the formula sold under the name Sanlu Bei Bei Infant Powder is illegal to sell in the United States; but fears are ever-present because products imported from China have discrete ways of entering our domestic market. This has already occurred in the past – in 2004 when a Chinese-made baby formula was being sold in an ethnic market in the United States. More than 200 Chinese infants suffered malnutrition and at least 12 died after being fed this awful formula that contained virtually no nutrients. 40 Chinese companies were found to be responsible and 47 people were arrested in China.

Health officials are issuing warnings to cities with large Asian populations such as Boston, New York and San Francisco, that the formula may have been tainted with melamine – the same contaminant found in pet food from China that caused the deaths of hundreds of cats and dogs in 2007.

Any of the U.S.-approved baby formulas are safe to feed to infants. The U.S.-approved makers of milk-based baby formula are Abbott Nutrition, Bristol-Myers Squibb unit MeadJohnson Nutritionals, Nestle USA, PBM Nutritionals and Solus Products.

Incidences such as these obviously damage confidence in the safety of Chinese goods and the regulatory process of our government. Our government must enforce stricter regulations and take a precautionary approach before products are allowed into the United States, especially when it comes to America’s youth. There needs to be more severe penalties, because a slap on the wrist simply is not sufficient. When do we say ‘enough is enough?”

Written by: Jana Simard – Legal News Reporter Press release service for lawyers covering: Mesothelioma lawyers, personal injury lawyers  and all areas of law.

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