Washington, D.C. (JusticeNewsFlash.com – News Report) – Seven years ago, our twin towers were destroyed, the city of New York turned upside down, left in death and devastation. After all of the cleanup, after all of the tears, a plan to build memorials emerged. The three sites that were attacked – The World Trade Centers, the Pentagon, and a Pennsylvania field will all have a structure representing the lives lost, the Pentagon’s is to be dedicated on Thursday. As for the other two, progress is slow.

City officials hope that by the nation’s 10th anniversary of September 11, a memorial will be complete. The new complex will consist of a memorial with a tree-shaded plaza and reflecting pools, and an underground museum with an entry pavilion. And although it has been delayed numerous times, Mayor Bloomberg stresses the importance the quality not how quickly the structure is completed, the victim’s families are echoing this as well. Features of the memorial included two large reflecting pools, with waterfalls flowing down their sides, in the exact locations of where the twin towers stood. Stone tablets around the pools will be engraved with the names of the individuals who lost their lives on and in the aftermath of that horrible day. In addition to the names involved in 9/11, there will be those from a 1993 terrorist attack on the World Trade Center. Designs for the entry pavilion will include two large steel columns salvaged from the wreckage. Visitors must go underground into the museum, and one the way down, they’ll see the bedrock that held back the Hudson River when the towers collapsed.

To open this Thursday, the Pentagon memorial is comprised of a bench, a tree and a pool for each of the 184 people killed there. An interesting feature of this memorial truly connects to the victims, for those who were killed in the actually building, people have to look towards the building for their names; whereas for those who were on board the airplane, their name can be seen by looking up.

The Pennsylvania memorial will be located on the site where United Flight 93 crashed. A plaza will surround the crash site, called the Sacred Ground. Almost eerie, but captivating is also a creation of 40 wind chimes called the Tower of Voices, will represent the 40 passengers and crew members who died.

Although these are personal and truly awe-inspiring memorials, they can never replace the buildings and the people that once resided there. We must never forget the acts of that day, the innocent lives taken and the unity our country experience in the wake of the worst attack on America.

Written by: Jana Simard – Legal News Reporter

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