Rape Lawsuit filed on Greek Orthodox priest

Chicago, Illinois (JusticeNewsFlash.com – News Report) – Although the incident occurred in the 1970’s, “John Doe 124” is suing the former Reverend Nicholas E. Katinas sexually abused him when he was a teenager at the Assumption Greek Orthodox Church in Olympia Fields, Illinois. He alleges that his abuse started at the age of 15. He was an active basketball player and volunteered his Sunday mornings to participate in his church as alter boy.

This is particularly difficult because the victim did not speak out until many years later. He is now 46 but has lived a life of shame and grief, always believing it was his fault. It is impossible for a young teen or adult to comprehend why the people they love and respect the most are the ones who hurt them. There is no relief from something of this nature; Doe has had to bear this burden his entire life. What’s worse is that the lawsuit claims that church officials had evidence of Katinas’s sexual tendencies with young boys, but had done nothing about those situations. How is this possible? Because in order to protect themselves, certain structural churches have kept secrets and protected the leaders of the church, almost like a family member would. It seems a twisted world of lies and disillusionment. It is a complete false way of living, for men that believe to honor God with their words and actions. The 73-year-old priest had worked at the Olympia Fields church from 1969 to 1978, and then became a priest for almost three decades at the Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church in Dallas. He was suspended in 2006. Now, Katinas faces a similar lawsuit in Texas involving five alleged victims of sexual abuse, but being discrete again, he has fled the United States for Greece. The legal proceedings will resume when he is returned to Texas.

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