Asbestos found in Special Education School

Asbestos found in Special Education School


A Department of Education report recently revealed that Public School 265 in Rockaway, NY contains dangerous levels of asbestos. Rockaway, New York ( – Asbestos News Report) –Most kids play hooky when they don’t want to go to school, but the at the Public School 265, students are actually getting sick from the school building itself. Cracked floor and ceiling tiles, crumbling walls and peeling paint are just a few ways the special needs children are being constantly exposed to asbestos, lead and mold. The asbestos becomes particularly dangerous when it becomes airborne. The particles are inhaled and stuck to the inner lining of the lungs, forming deadly cancer.

It is appalling that federal law officials have let the school get this bad. Where were their regular school inspections? Where was the plan and implementation of action to clean up the contaminated area so that these children could learn in a safe environment? How can this be permitted? It is shocking that although many inspectors knew about the condition of the school, 60 staff and 120 children were still allowed to stay in the site until the end of the summer session. It is completely unfair to these children, many of whom are dealing with autism and other disabilities. They are already at such a disadvantage; they do not need to be visiting the hospitals more than they already do. There needs to be stricter regulations and inspections conducted in these schools. The school board and officials will meet to discuss the course of action.

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