Barack Obama and Joe Biden the “Dream Team” – Reports Rene Perras

George W Bush had made it his mission to break the back and the bank of the Democratic Party and supported laws that would continue to make it more difficult for everyday Americans, with legitimate claims, to seek justice and remedies for their injuries.

A Canadian Perspective by Rene — Barack Obama seconded by Joe Biden, now that is a dream worth dreaming. Observing American politics from the outside, as a Canadian, has been a curious experience. The amount of money and influence required to reach the highest office in this land is quite extraordinary and is an indication of how high the stakes are. Canadian politics are starting to head in that same direction. The disparity between the wealthy and the poor in Canada is less because of the social programs currently in existence for all. The Honorable Tommy Douglas, considered by most as our greatest Canadian and the father of universal health care, conceived this program over 40-years ago.

One can only imagine how different America would be today if Al Gore had become President. Elected officials have always had the power to impact the lives of regular people. This could not be more evident than with the current administration, both on the home front and abroad. What is quite amazing is how much of America’s super power status has been whittled away in just a few short years by their decisions and actions.

The leader of any nation, elected by the people, must always have as a primary purpose to serve his people. Too often, George W. Bush’s actions make him seem misguided and, by many accounts, his presidency has appeared unwise. In spite of this, there seems to be a natural order in life, and events that seem random have a way of illuminating the true path. We sometimes must take two steps backwards before we can take a proper step forward.

Decision-making will never be more critical than with the new administration. By the time January hits us we will have been exposed to eight years of the “decider”. True change must consist of a change of party, change of leader and change in philosophy. Barack Obama and Joe Biden can achieve this together.

When I took the plunge and moved from Canada to sunny Florida back in the winter of ‘02, fourteen months into the Presidency of George W. Bush, Democrats were still experiencing the emotional pain of defeat. Florida was still the butt of a number of jokes, from the hanging chad, to Catherine Harris to the Florida Supreme Court. Compounding things, our Governor, the brother of the president, was just hitting his stride in his own administration with a lot of unfulfilled campaign promises.

Jeb Bush would continue for another four years implementing the Republican agenda to satisfy the interests of big business. My friends at the Florida Justice Association were still reeling from the attacks initiated by special interests, endorsed by the governor’s mansion, on the civil justice system. Morale was at an all time low in the legal profession, tort reform was full speed ahead and every ill in America had been attributed to lawyers and their “frivolous” lawsuits.

A Canadian Perspective by Rene Perras

George W Bush had made it his mission to break the back and the bank of the Democratic Party and supported laws that would continue to make it more difficult for everyday Americans, with legitimate claims, to seek justice and remedies for their injuries.

What was confusing and perplexing was whenever a situation presented itself to the administration to take a leadership position, and show the world the greatness of America, it resorted to bully tactics and fear mongering.

Let’s fast-forward to July of ‘07, a beautiful summer day in Chicago. I was attending the annual convention of the American Association for Justice (AAJ) with my partner, and fellow countryman Kevin Quinlan, who had just recently become a full-fledged card carrying citizen. Attorneys from all over the US came to exchange ideas, improve their skills, and to vote on the issues of concern to their organization of 60,000 strong. They were also there to anoint the new president of AAJ, Kathleen Flynn Peterson. The membership of AAJ is one of the most important and influential components of the Democratic Party and attending were a list of the who’s-who on the political scene.

As an attendee I was privileged to watch Joe Biden address a luncheon with skill, passion and a grasp of the issues. He had everyone on the edge of their seats. You could not help but think he was born for the role of statesman and possibly president.
This was a truly special event because the next speakers were the balance of the presidential hopefuls: Hilary Clinton, Barack Obama, John Edwards, and Bill Richardson each vying for their support. The phenomenon of Barack Obama was starting to take shape, and there was an aura of greatness about him.

Finally, I was invited to Joe Biden’s fundraiser by one of our friends Todd Smith, the former president of the AAJ and co-chairman of Senator Biden’s presidential bid. The event was held in a small suite at the Hyatt Regency filled with an enthusiastic group of supporters for the Senator. As I observed him in this setting speaking casually to each individual supporter he demonstrated a uniquely common touch. I approached him to introduce myself and shake his hand. He showed genuine interest and wanted to know more about me. It was clear, at the moment; Joe was one of those rare individuals, salt of the earth types who would give you the shirt off his back. I left a little disappointed. It was obvious; he did not have the necessary support to secure the nomination.

Through the next eight to ten months it became clear this was a Clinton vs. Obama race. I began to truly appreciate the skill and poise of Barack Obama, especially in the debates. One cannot help but chuckle at how graceful Barack was when he was under attack. He has the art of always being magnanimous and never succumbing to mud slinging.
He is truly a new breed of politician, one who leads by example, one tuned in to the concerns of the many versus the needs of the few, one who understands the role of the highest office is to serve and protect his people.

From the beginning when that critical decision was made to go to war, Barack Obama voted his conscience. This continued to demonstrate his wisdom and clarity of thought. He has shown that same insight with his Vice-Presidential pick, Senator Joe Biden. Time and time again he makes decisions with the American people in mind. He is the epitome of the American dream. Senator Barack Obama has come from humble beginnings and is now poised to change history by becoming the first African American President. He exudes the qualities of a true public servant, one who is prepared to sacrifice his own comfort so others may be comforted. This is the measure of true greatness. This can be lived by each and every one of us daily. It is not reserved for people in public life!

America is in a time of crisis. It is imperative we select the “Dream Team”, Obama/Biden; hopefully a majority of Americans will see it this way. They will have the daunting challenge of restoring America’s credibility in the eyes of the world.

However, in America, elections are funny business. Ask any Democrat living in Florida in 2000 when this story began.

Rene Perras – Sr. Editor / Legal News Contributor

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