Nantucket’s Wind Farm: cleaner, less dependence, new jobs

Nantucket Sound, Massachusetts ( – News Report) -– The United States’ interest in wind power is constantly growing, so much so that it has surpassed Germany as the former leader. An article in the Financial Times stated that ‘more than 13,000 people turned out for the year’s American Wind Energy Association, which is an 85% increase since last year. Texas has recently given approval for a $4.9 billion plan to build transmission lines to channel wind energy from the open aired spaces to more closed in places such as Dallas.

According to the American Lung Association, Cape Cod has the worst air quality in Massachusetts. Cape Wind will contribute to improved air quality by reducing air pollution emissions in New England. Cape Wind will also reduce global warming greenhouse gas emissions by 734,000 tons per year. Cape Wind will also provide clean, renewable energy capable of replacing 113 million gallons of oil per year. Cape Wind will create up to a thousand jobs in manufacturing, assembly, and ocean construction, boosting our local economy and creating 150 permanent jobs thereafter, including 50 highly paid maintenance and operations jobs based on Cape Cod.

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Cape Wind is proposing America’s first offshore wind farm on Horseshoe Shoal in Nantucket Sound. The 130 wind turbines will be built out on the tides, in order to best harness the wind. It will produce up to 420 megawatts of clean, renewable energy. Cape Wind will soon provide three quarters of the Cape and Islands electricity needs, a huge progress for this beautiful area. The project is widely supported by local citizens groups, Senators, Congressmen and environmental organizations throughout the country.

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