Governor Patterson freezes medical malpractice rates

Former Governor Spitzer formed a statewide task force – to define the main causes of medical malpractice and find out what contributes to the high cost of insurance against such claims.

Washington, D. C. ( – medical malpractice news Report) – A bill- proposed to give relief to doctors who have experienced extremely high premiums; suspend an anticipated surcharge until next June and give the state more time to find a long-term solution to the medical malpractice problems – was signed by Governor Patterson of New York. This was part of $1 billion cuts to state spending. Various lawmakers stated in Congress this week that without the freeze, physicians would have seen a 30 percent rise in rates.
According to the New York Public Interest Research Group, ‘the freeze shouldn’t affect patient care and that time is needed to work out the difficult problem of high rates,’ because it has been noted that many physicians are claiming that high insurance rates are driving them out of the state and reducing the availability of care. When really it is about careless doctors making mistakes and insurance companies rating the insurance risk of physicians.

Richard F. Daines, M.D., Commissioner of the New York State Department of Health, said: “This temporary freeze demonstrates the Governor’s and Legislature’s commitment to assuring that New Yorkers have uninterrupted access to the full range of health care services. At the same time, it will foster an environment in which the stakeholders can come together to continue the hard work we began last year to reach an agreement on real reform. I call upon the physicians who will benefit from this freeze to join the Department of Health in our continuing effort to increase patient safety and eliminate preventable medical errors.”

By: Justice News Flash – Medical Malpractice news correspondent

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