Grave risk of Mesothelioma after Toronto explosion

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Toronto, Canada ( – News Report) – A massive explosion of the Sunrise Propane facility in Toronto, Canada has forced many surrounding residents to evacuate their homes, for the now airborne asbestos particles is a severe danger. The 12,000+ people are extremely shaken up and worried about the asbestos traveling through the air. Many homes were damaged and one firefighter was found dead. The impact of the blast melted parked cars, blew out doors and windows and shook the foundation with tremors that could be heard kilometers away.

City officials have told families not to be worried about the exposure to the asbestos, as small amounts do not pose a serious threat. Yet many are concerned since the asbestos landed around their homes, parks, schools and places of work, and although cleanup crews are doing their best, it is highly unlikely that they will completely rid the areas of the toxic substances. The Canadian Cancer Society says asbestos, which was widely used in construction for years, is associated with an increased risk of lung cancer and other diseases. Many residents are expressing their disappointment in the government. How can such a dangerous facility be located so close to the suburban area filled with families? It is truly the responsibility of the government and elected officials to protect its people from these kinds of ‘accidents’. There should be stricter zoning laws, which regulate how close industrial buildings can be constructed to residential areas, with designated places for families to be safe if something to this extent should ever occur again. Additionally, if an explosion occurs, the facility should have a control procedure in which the harmful toxins are not released into the atmosphere, for the destruction to the people and our environment is of immediate importance.

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picture credit: Medline: National Institute of Heath