Doctor fails to completely remove boy’s tumor – $1.9 settlement

Staten Island, New York ( – News Report) — Would you be angry if your doctor failed to perform necessary medical practices on you? Most of us have something to the extent of what is called blind faith when it comes to our doctors, we entrust them with our bodies, they slice us open, cure our wounds, and mend our broken bones. And although it may be painful in the process, we are eternally grateful for their skilled mind and hands.

Evan Perez does not have these same sentiments about his doctors. His surgeon found a lesion on Perez’s right fifth rib. Dr. Gilchrist removed tissue a month later but did not cut out the entire tumor. According to an article in the Staten Island Live, the doctor stated that the lesion was composed of benign fatty tissue, which obviously proved to be false when the tumor became malignant and the cancer spread to four more ribs. Perez underwent many painful surgeries that would have been avoided if the doctor had removed the tumor completely.

Evan Perez was granted a $1.9 million medical malpractice settlement resulting from a suit he brought against Staten Island University Hospital, and Dr. Gilchrist. Yet, in this tragic story, it is hard to understand how money can compensate for the pain he has had to endure. And when there were nearly 50% of malpractice trials brought against surgeons in 75 of the largest counties in the US 2001, (Bureau of Justice Statistics) it is even more difficult to believe how often these cases happen in such a grand era of technology. – News distribution for medical malpractice lawyers

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