Nashville, Tennessee ( – Health Report) – With no one cure-all for cancer, patients are eager to try anything that has proven effective. Recent studies completed by the American Journal of Gastroenterology by UK researchers have found that a cholesterol-fighting drug may be just the thing to fight cancerous tumors. ‘Using laboratory cultures of esophageal cancer cells, the researchers found that adding simvastatin (Zocor), lovastatin (Mevacor), and pravastatin (Pravachol) reduced the number of esophageal cancer cells and inhibited their growth. The higher the dose of the statin, the greater was the destruction of the cancer cells.’ Lovastatin, first of the statin group of lipid fighters and introduced in 1980, has been successful in destroying cancerous tumors in 80% of initial patients tested. In 2000, one man enduring the battle against stage-four melanoma was the first to test Lovastatin and today, he is disease-free.

Although hesitations arose, a Nashville physician has seen the drug’s success against one of the worst and widespread diseases. Even when the patient is on a low dose, there have been good results, with tumors either diminishing in size or disappearing altogether. The cancers, which have had the best results with this drug, include melanoma, pancreatic cancer, colon cancer, renal (kidney) cancer, and mesothelioma. Yet, is not expected to have a significant benefit against brain tumors. Each patient who has taken Lovastatin has seen better results and less side effects than chemotherapy or radiation, which entail side effects such as nausea, vomiting, hair loss, bone marrow suppression or immune system suppression. “When you’re battling cancer, why keep doing what isn’t working?” (- Asked on the Neoplas website).

SOURCE: American Journal of Gastroenterology, April 2008.