Correction to news story “Even FEMA makes mistakes.”

As reported by on August 19, 2008, we wish to correct the following: “The Gulf Stream Coach factory said that cheaper products were used due to higher costs and pressure to build more and more trailers for the victims.” And to clarify it was “Terry Sloan, a former floor supervisor at a Gulf Stream Coach factory in Etna Green, Indiana, who oversaw the construction of the travel-trailers and said that “his crew worked at a breakneck pace for months, which forced the company to use cheaper wood products.” As referenced by a CBS news article, it was also Sloan who commented that: “Quality suffered dramatically because of the drive and pressure to put these trailers out.” The Gulf Stream Coach factory issued its own statement saying, in part: “For the FEMA trailers it used components and materials that met or exceeded industry standards.”

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