California landslide kills 10 – Ranch found negligent – by California wrongful death lawyer / reporter

California landslide kills 10 – Ranch found negligent – by California wrongful death lawyer / reporter


California Wrongful Death attorney brings reports on – Ventura, California ( – News Report)—Residents and relatives of victims in the Ventura area are suing La Conchita Ranch Company for wrongful death, personal damage and property damage. To their benefit, the Ventura County Superior Court jury ruled that the La Conchita Ranch Co. did not build a sufficient drainage system, and is therefore responsible for the 2005 California landslide. This was a tough case because it is difficult to prove that the landslide and its consequences resulted from a specific company, not Mother Nature. The slide killed 10 people, destroyed 13 homes and damaged 23 others in the community of La Conchita. Victim’s lawyers argued that it was the fault of the ranch because it constantly saturated its orchards, causing the soil to become unstable and create more runoff. Contrastingly, the ranch’s lawyer’s response was that the area is unstable earth and has had at least six landslides, one of which being a 1909 slide that killed four railroad workers and another in 1995 which destroyed 9 homes. The jury has exonerated the ranch’s manager David Orr and the County of Ventura stating they were not negligent in this case. The jury also ruled that the ranch will not be subject to punitive damages, because its conduct was not “outrageous” or in “reckless disregard” to property or people. Both sides in this case are difficult to contest, as one can see the angle for both arguments.

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