Dallas Employment Lawyer – Keith Clouse – Tough in Dallas, Texas Courtrooms

Dallas Employment Lawyer – Keith Clouse – Tough in Dallas, Texas Courtrooms


For professional help in work related, overtime pay litigation,  or general, complex employment law matters, Keith Clouse and his team of attorneys are the best lawyer’s firm in Dallas that has helped many businesses and individuals in claiming rightful compensation for their losses.

Dallas, Texas (JusticeNewsFlash.com) — Are you faced with a matter within your workplace that requires you to fight back in the courtroom? Dallas employment law firm, Clouse Dunn Khoshbin LLP, fights with courage making the best use of their experience and knowledge of employment law litigation. Attorney Keith Clouse has a list of successes and wealth of experience working with small to large businesses and obtaining justice for his clients.

Keith Clouse is one of the founding members of the team of attorneys who gathered with the aim of helping employees and employers from the wrong doings of the corporate world, helping them to safe guard their business and commercial interests.

Clouse Dunn Khoshbin LLP’s mission starts with commitment to excellence. In their website, they state, “CDK lawyers know that winning a case requires a commitment to exceed expectations. We staff each case with a team of lawyers who have one goal: to obtain excellent results for our client. Through intense preparation and seasoned advocacy, we are able to anticipate the other side and achieve the desired outcome.”

To learn more about Keith Clouse and the firm of Clouse Dunn Khoshbin LLP and their areas of practice as a leading Texas Employment Litigation firm specializing in- Employment Litigation Areas of Practice ::  Non compete,  Work related discrimination,  over- time pay issues, executive severance, trade secrets, employment litigation, visit www.cdklawyers.com

Clouse Dunn Khoshbin LLP Law Firm
1201 Elm Street
Suite 5200
Dallas, Texas 75270 – 2142
Telephone: 214.220.3888

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