Recent tests have begun to determine if Salmonella can fight cancer cells

Washington, D.C. ( – News Report) -– Billions of dollars have been poured into finding the cure for cancer, a disease that kills 1,500 Americans daily. New intuitive and innovative research has started to be conducted by Dr. Forbes, an assistant professor of chemical engineering at the University of Massachusetts. He is focused on finding a way to prevent the side effects such as hair loss and fatigue happening to cancer patients enduring chemotherapy and radiation therapy. His main ingredient is – Salmonella.

With the help of a $1 million dollar grant from the National Institutes of Health, he is looking into guiding the Salmonella to the specific parts of the tumor that are ignoring the treatment. According to an article in the Wall Street Journal, ‘’Salmonella naturally accumulate around tumors because bacteria like to eat, and tumors are a great source of food.’’

Dr. Forbes combined the Salmonella injections with frequent bursts of the radiation treatment and has found that the lab mice with tumors did not become ill with the effects of Salmonella. His success with this small trial has led cancer patients to participate in further testing which is essentially the only way that scientists can rule this out. Researchers are optimistic about the expected results in humans due to the results obtained in the animal trials; human trials will consist of several phases of treatment. Then, researchers will determine if the altered Salmonella can successfully shrink tumors. Hopefully, if Dr. Forbes’ techniques are correct, cancer patients can undergo faster and easier treatment without all the harsh side effects.

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