Faulty tires could be the cause of a fatal accident

Dallas, Texas (JusticeNewsFlash.com) — The tire companies comprised of Bridgestone/Firestone, Uniroyal, Dunlop and Cooper tires have all experienced extreme tire recalls in the past few years. Recently, in June 2007, about 450,000 tires imported from China were found to be defective and thus, recalled. Usually, tires take roughly six years to wear down, but those made from the Chinese companies (under the false brand names of Westlake, Telluride, Compass and YKS) were developing cracks in the tread, which eventually led to large splits on the tire.

These kinds of results are due to the fact that the tires lacked a safety feature called ‘gum strip’ which acts as an adhesive holding the rubber together. Should this start to deteriorate and tire belt separation occur, it can cause the drivers to have a blowout and possibly a crash. It would be like making an airplane with a broken wing or engine. It is sheer negligence at the cost of people’s lives.

This is especially worthy to note for those driving trucks or SUVs, as they have a large center pull due to gravity and are much more top-heavy than a four-door automobile. Additionally, their rollover rate is 27% more likely.

Product managers and manufacturing companies not only have the legal responsibility, but also the human responsibility to cause no harm to the public. When they export items into our market that are dangerous, the blame falls on their hands and they must ensure that the public buying the product will not intentionally put one in danger.

Rene Perras – Staff Writer / News Editor

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