One in four Texas drivers lack auto insurance-would you want to be on the road? By Amy K. Witherite – Texas Trial Lawyer

Dallas, Texas ( –- The Texas Department of Public Safety recently launched the new TexasSure program, a 60-day project that allows officers to monitor and log which drivers possess actual automobile insurance. Out of the 5,000 drivers in the Travis County and Austin areas who have already been checked; 25.5% of them lacked insurance and received tickets for their noncompliance.

The DPS states the striking news that the Dallas and surrounding areas have uninsured rates at almost 50%. Those individuals are now taking a huge risk for if found driving without liability insurance, they can be fined $350 for a first offense and $1,000 for following offenses. If they are driving uninsured, they are also breaking Texas law, which requires every driver to hold liability insurance. As cited by the Department of Public Safety in the Dallas Morning News, the previous minimum requirements for auto liability insurance used to be set at: $20,000 of coverage for each injured person; $40,000 per accident and $15,000 for property damage. They are now at $25,000; $50,000; 25,000.

Many Americans are angered and inquisitive as to why they must pay billions of dollars towards their insurance policies in order to protect themselves if they happen to get into an accident with someone uninsured. It is like playing the game but ignoring the rules and therefore creating an unfair system where not all is fair and equal. If Driver A has insurance and gets hit by Driver B, Driver A has to go through the trouble of filing an uninsured motorist claim, with the possibility that the carrier will not even pay the coverage until the injured driver obtains a judgment against the uninsured driver. As one can see, this is a huge hassle wherein the insured driver must sue then wait for the verdict.

Some of the general public believes that if these motorists are uninsured illegal aliens, then their vehicles should be taken from them, because of the simple fact that they are endangering the lives of those on the road and not abiding by the rules that law-abiding citizens do.
DPS reports that the illegal aliens are not shy to use counterfeit proof-of-insurance cards or simply receiving a month’s coverage of insurance then cancels the policy after their licenses are renewed.

News Contributor: Amy K. Witherite – Texas Trial Lawyer 

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